You can pay your order with any of the following payment methods you wish.

Payment in the shop

You can pay for your order free of charge at the cashier of our store.
- Central Store : 32 Iroon Polytechniou 32, Lavrion

Cash on Delivery

Through the courier company ACS Courier. The payment amount is paid in cash to the courier company's employee at the time of delivery of the parcel.

Note. 44464646, according to article 69.2 of the Code of Conduct, purchases that are equal to or exceed the amount of 500 euros cannot be paid in cash. Therefore, the proposed methods are either bank deposit - bank transfer via e-banking or payment via credit/debit card.

Debit/credit card

You can pay for your order by either Visa, Mastercard, Diners and American Express credit card or debit card. uses the electronic payment platforms of Alpha BANK with SSL / TLS 1.1 encryption and 128-bit encryption protocol (Secure Sockets Layer - SSL). Encryption is a way of encoding information until it reaches the intended recipient, who will be able to decode it using the appropriate key. The transaction takes place under the secure SSL platform and the card is charged immediately.

Your card details are not registered in our store but only with the bank that charges your card.

By choosing to purchase by credit card, you automatically accept our transaction terms:

- is entitled to request transaction confirmation from the issuing bank of the Cardholder's Card. In the event that it receives a negative response or no response at all, it is entitled, for security reasons, to cancel the purchase and refund in full the amount of the transaction to the customer without further obligation, through his credit card (cancel: cancel/void or refund: refund). The customer will be informed of the above action via e-mail or telephone communication, using the details provided at the time of ordering.

- may ask the user to provide some proof of his/her address or a copy of his/her credit card before the final execution of the order.

- Credit cards of foreign countries outside Greece may not be accepted by the security control system of electronic transactions.

- Use of a personal credit card for a purchase from a different person or to a different business is likely to be rejected by the electronic transaction security control system.

Deposit to a Bank Account

Place your order online and pay for it by depositing it into one of the following bank accounts.

IBAN: GR8201402460246002002003335

For your convenience, once you have completed the deposit, please send us the following at
- Name
- Proof of deposit
- Order number
- Contact phone number

Any bank commission for the transfer of the amount will be borne by the ordering party, i.e. you.

The payee should receive the full amount of the order.

When the transaction is made within the same bank, there are no additional commission charges.

Products are shipped after confirmation of the deposit of the order amount.