Our company started with a lot of love and passion!

The love for natural stones and minerals starts from our childhood.
We were and are lucky enough to be born, grow up and continue to reside in the heart of the mining vein for our country, Lavrion! Lots of eruptions, you could see minerals in shop windows, in windows, in the neighborhoods in makeshift boxes in the yards of workers of the then mining company.
How could you not get attached?

After a brief flashback, we come to today and the Lavriostone company.

A family business with a passion for stones and a vision for making them stand out.


We take a rough piece "for some people unformed or ugly as they sometimes say" and we bring out every side of it, we give it the shine and the attention it deserves because every stone is a little treasure.

Near us you will find:
Rare collectible minerals from Lavrion, Greece and all over the world.
Energy crystals in many cuts, designs and sizes.
Handmade lamps and gift items made by us and combined with stone, wood and metals.
And of course a plethora of handmade jewelry in many designs and styles.
We shape, polish and generally give form and design to our stones. We bind and create unique jewellery virtually from scratch. When you wear a piece of jewelry with a Greek stone you know you are wearing a unique piece of jewelry as well as the stone that adorns it.

We specialize in cutting, polishing and creating jewelry and specialty pieces that include stones, wood and metals.

We couldn't miss precious and semi-precious stones from around the world Rubies, Aquamarines, Tourmalines, Moonstones and many many more that are and will be adored by all.

In this short text we have tried to convey to you in brief
our adoration for mineral stones and our passion for creation!

Always anxious for something new, something unusual, for the transmission of the knowledge and uniqueness of stones.

With love,
the team of